Thursday, March 06, 2008

Failing Grades? #8 Xavier, #13 Connecticut, #24 Clemson Lose Focus

8 Xavier 66 St. Joseph's 71
This one has been in the offing for some time. The Musketeers ran away with the Atlantic-10 and St. Joe's (9-6, 17-10) needed the win. Xavier was 7-13 from the foul line, St. Joe's 17-20. Game over. On to the conference tourney.

#13 Connecticut 76 Providence 85
Road blues for UConn, probably not interested since they've already earned a 1st round bye in the Big East tournament.

#24 Clemson 75 Georgia Tech 80
Another game without meaning for a team heading to both their conference tourney and the big dance.

It's tough to read anything into these losses except for a real lack of preparedness for road opponents bent on making statements. The most interesting by far is the St. Joseph's story, the only winner tonight with an outside shot at making the NCCA field.

If you're looking for bubble teams, the Hawks are a good choice. Their chances will improve with each successive conference tournament victory.

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