Monday, February 09, 2009

Top 25 Breakdown: Who Fits, Who Doesn't

UConn remained #1 in today's new AP Top 25 poll, with a preponderance of #1 votes. For now, the Huskies are as good as gold for a #1 seed in the national tourney, though they'll have to survive two games with Pitt (4) and one with Marquette (8) prior to the post-season. Villanova moved up to #13 and may be better than their ranking. We'll find out tomorrow night when the Wildcats host the Golden Eagles.

Forget Syracuse. This squad simply hasn't learned the nuances of Jim Boeheim's 2-3 zone defense. Their path to the NCAA seems impeded. Five teams from the Big East in the Top 25 may not be a stretch, though Syracuse doesn't look like the likely fifth wheel.

The SEC still didn't get a team into the rankings. Apparently, neither Florida's nor LSU's 19-4 records were good enough for the voters. It's an anomaly. One or both should be in, and possibly South Carolina as well. It's a glaring oversight by the voters.

Showing similar strength, the ACC sports 4 teams in the top 12 with Florida State sneaking in at #25 to make is 5 teams. In addition to North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest and Clemson, Virginia Tech may also get a look soon though their final five games are against all those above them in the conference except Wake, including the Seminoles twice.

Staying at #2 was Oklahoma, again, as good a choice as any, though North Carolina is still an imposing presence at #3. Also from the Big 12, Kansas should be ranked higher than #16. They have the look of a team that can go deep in any tournament.

The West is a scamble, with just UCLA (11) and Arizona St. (18) making an appearance for the PAC-10 and Gonzaga (19) and Utah St. (21) the other entries. Other than the Bruins, none of these teams impress.

Butler and Memphis certainly belong. Xavier still has some sorting out to do in the A-10.

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